Strategic Review & Business Planning

Helping you get Focused on your Goals

Even in the toughest of markets and with the smallest budgets there are opportunities for growth with new products and services to be developed and new markets to explore.  At Unique Point we focus on finding what will differentiate you from your competition and give you the edge to bring continued success.

A key part of success, is Business Planning – not just producing a dry, limited document to secure funding which is then relegated to a file (although this may be necessary!) …but a living, breathing plan that identifies where you are, where you want to be and how you intend to get there.  A vision that your whole team can buy into and strive towards; and a plan that is nimble, adaptable, constantly reviewed and updated to play to your strengths and the changing markets.

At Unique Point we understand the importance of strategy – and what’s more how to review your market, analyse your positioning, understand your competencies and then to help you develop a Business Plan that balances all of these elements to take you forward with confidence whether you are a start-up, in turnaround or just looking for the next-step.

Our team have experience of all these situations in small businesses and corporates; at board level, departmental level and on individual projects.  What’s more, we don’t just ‘talk a good game’ – we’ve done it!  We’ve delivered the strategies we designed and been successful doing it – we know what real change takes and how hard it can be – but we will stand next to you as long as you need us and deliver the strategy with you.

We are always excited to discuss any element of company strategy/business planning  however large or small, mission critical or routine – so please contact us here for a free no obligation discussion about your ambitions.


Just some of the ways we can help you…

● Review of product/service portfolio & market

● Analysis of company’s positioning

● Resource analysis & competitive opportunities

● Producing strategic plans post analysis

● Business Planning & objective setting

● Facilitation & training

● Research & risk modelling

● Interim management & management support