Strategic Bid Leadership

Pitching for work can be daunting!

It is essential to grow your business but are you and your teams busy delivering to your existing clients?

Do you feel that you sometimes just go through the motions when you tender?… rather than focus the effort you would like to on finding the “secret to success”?

Unique Point can help – our team have experience of tendering, winning and delivering over £1 billion of work in the last decade.

We can seamlessly integrate into supporting your team – or take the leadership role – or even run the whole process for you as a wholly outsourced bidding department – at all times ensuring your submissions and pitches are first class.

Our team have tendered many many opportunities from £50 K to £200 million.  From the straightforward to the incredibly complex.  Sometimes co-ordinating many partners and financiers with responsibility for bid budgets in the millions.  What’s more though – we know just how important success at both ends of this scale can be.

We are equally as comfortable with the large and small, the mission critical and the everyday pitch – and we bring just as much enthusiasm and tenacity for your success whatever we are working on for you.

We are always excited to discuss any opportunity you are considering pursuing or are maybe already involved in.  So please contact us here for a free no obligation discussion about your ambitions.


Just some of the ways we can help you…

● Strategic Bid Leadership

● Tender/Bid Support & Production

● Company/Departmental Reviews & Business Palnning

● Specialist Pricing Strategies

● Experts in PowerPoint & Presentation Support

● Thought Leaders in Competitor Analysis