Paul, Unique Point’s MD, has a strong commitment to developing tomorrow’s leaders and enjoys passing-on his knowledge and expertise.  As a part of this commitment, over the last few years he has delivered training to both industry and academic audiences, including guest lectures at University College London, Brighton University, Ecole Spéciale des Travaux Publics in Paris and Kingston University London.  Topics he has lectured on most recently include;

● Modelling Risk Provision in Tender Pricing

● An Introduction to the Private Finance Initiative (inc. PPP/BSF/LIFT)

● Modelling the Competitive Utility of the Non-price Tender Offer

● Identifying & Managing Client Relationships

Paul values being at the front of current thinking and recognises the importance of linking the academic and business worlds.  In the last 5-years he has participated in two research studies of his own, both of which have resulted in practical tools for business.

● Tender Models – The Non-price Antecedents

● An Evaluation of the Accuracy of Tender Adjustments

We are always interested in discussing opportunities to present to industry and academic audiences alike or the opportunity to participate in further research.  Similarly, we welcome invitations to talk through any of our previous research and presentations.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss either of these opportunities further by Clicking Here…